The Perfect Church

Scan any catalog and there will be several dozen books from authors telling you how to build a perfect church.  What is a perfect church?

This is a question that is prone to numerous responses. A lot of tradition, experience, needs, and culture go into the answering of it for most people.  Some will even consult the Bible and come to some view of what the 'church' is supposed to be in those pages.

For me, the perfect church is simple.

People coming together as a group to worship God, to learn about God, and share with others God.

No big buildings, no high budget programs, and no bells and whistles. Just people living their lives and sharing their faith in meaningful ways.

No stress, no tension, and no pride. Just people following in the footsteps of Jesus to change their world. People more concerned about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and caring for those unloved than about their own form of "who will be first in the Kingdom, Jesus?"

People getting up every morning filled with a passion for God, motivated by a need to be the hands and feet of Christ, and informed by a dynamic personal faith relationsjip with a God of love, courage, and peace.

As I said, it is simple .

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