I have just finished reviewing the materials from two or three disaster response agencies regarding the Haiti situation. The graphic descriptions along with the startling photos serve to bring home in a powerful way just how important various matters are. I am feeling reinvigorated to step up and make a difference for these people.

We will doubtless be hearing of opportunities to give of our resources and even our
physical presence in the weeks to come, and I know that we will respond in a good manner. But, I also am freshly aware of the spiritual lesson that I bring away from crisis. I like most people have those moments in life when things just get my goat. A decision is made. An action is implemented. A comment is uttered. And, I lose it. I come unglued. That issue, for the moment, is the biggest thing in
the universe. I am tempted (if only in private) to go on a rant about how unhappy I am. I can wax eloquent about how unjust, unwise, or downright bone-headed the decision, action, or comment was. For that brief moment, the issue of my consternation is the most horrible offense against God and the universe that has ever occurred. I never stop to think about God's words to Jonah, "Do you do well to be angry?"

However, I was stopped by the Haiti reports. The stuff I get upset over--the substance of my passionate crusades truly becomes trivial when I see broken bodies and children suffering from thirst.
The words sobered and embarrassed come to me as I think about how I am tempted whine over my difficult struggles while events like Haiti play out. How about you?

Do you ever feel that way? How does the substance of your passionate crusades look on around our world? Here is an idea for the new year. Every time I am tempted to engage in hand wringing over some issue of my difficult life, I will do my best to remember to stop and compare my stuff with those
events that will doubtless be playing out around me. Maybe I will whine a little less and work a little more.

Want to join me?

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