Random Lives

Once upon a time, every week had a special beat to it, an orderly progression, and a sense of completion.  The Monday through Friday was the work week, Saturday was the chores and fun activities and Sunday the day of worship and family.

Somewhere along the way we dropped the beat, and the steady ebb and flow of life is now an intermittent mess.

I remember older women sharing the order of their lives as they had wrestled a large family, a husband, and sometimes older family who lived in the house as well.

Monday: Wash Day
Tuesday: Ironing Day
Wednesday: Sewing Day
Thursday: Market Day
Friday: Cleaning Day
Saturday: Baking Day
Sunday: Day of Rest

That masterful time management always seemed so accomplished and those women able to do a surprising amount of volunteer work in their communities. Somewhere along the way we - men and women - became a little random in how we did things.  We started to let things slip, and our follow through was left behind.  We lost a sense of purpose, of order, and the sense of pride in accomplishing things.
Many women were made to feel their lives were a drudgery, they were limited in their options, and they were take advantage of by spouses and families.  Many men failed to see that their wives were working just as hard as they did in just a different way and often doing twice as much!  Many men failed to see they had no special rights as a man in the family and none whatsoever to make another feel less.  There was a combined loss of pride and of respect that chipped away - like those little foxes the Bible tells us destroy the vines - and caused things to go bad in many relationships.

Many people are so stressed and feel their lives are an untamed beast.  This creates conflict in the home, in the marriage and in relationships.  Somebody has to be at fault, fingers point, and feelings are damaged.  

Maybe - just maybe - the answer might be to make our lives a little less random.  To add a solid dash of discipline, order, and pattern to life.  In most marriages one person does not do all those house jobs like those women 'back in the day.'   Even shared tasks can  be made more efficient and a rhythm created  by a plan, some order, and a game plan.  Then, when the weekend comes - enjoy, refresh, and renew!

 Marilyn A. Hudson, Guest

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