It is interesting that in a society that so praised the vigor of youth in the turbulent 1960's finds itself confronted with that which it so disdained.  Old age.

Somewhere along the way we lost the idea of the honor and respect of old age.  Somewhere along the way we idolized all that was young.  Talk about your schisms!  A hammer blow of division cut apart two aspects and stages of life that once contributed to the other in a healthy and symbiotic manner.  Youth, dumb, foolhardy, and not much into deep thought was in close quarters with Age, experienced, skilled, and knew enough to think about things from many angles.  The two halves became positive wholes.

I also suspect that all the ills of disrespected age may be our own fault.

Somewhere along that route we took where we lost the idea of honor and respect for old age we also picked up some bad habits.  Habits of narcissism, of having things our way, and minimizing the ability of others to grow in experience and skills.  The grumpy old men, the grouchy old women and the inability to give up the reigns of control helped drive that wedge even deeper between the generations.   The wrong headed idea that we could exit life to play invaded the church as well.   "I am too old to help anymore" has become a familiar chant of church members but have they really? 

The process of life is bringing up a new generation, sharing the wisdom and experience gained, but then having the strength to step back and let that younger generation assume control.   It is like that first time with a child on a bike with training wheels.  At some point, you have to let the bike, and the child, go on their own.  As you watched that child ride away, did that end your parenting role? Did that stop the guiding hand or the wise word?  No.

It is the same with life.  Your aches and pains may say, "Gosh, I am old."  You may be tempted to say, 'there is nothing I can do anymore."  

There is more you can do.  With the idea that retirement should be moved to 70 or even 75, there is a new understanding of what 'old' means.  People are remaining vigorous far longer than any previous generation.  Sometimes what ages us is not the years but the limit of our focus.  

So remain active in ministry and people caring as possible.  If ill health limits you find your area of Christian service at the phone, the computer, through letters and through prayer.

Too old?  You are just getting started!

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